Explosives Tracking

Development and Support of an Explosives Tracking System


In 2013, the European Union (EU) introduced new regulations for tracking explosives, necessitating the development of robust and compliant tracking systems. Corelab, a leading company in the industry, required a responsive web-based explosives asset tracking system to meet these regulatory requirements.


Enterprise Systems, built a custom system that would eventually evolve into ceTrack, a comprehensive explosives tracking solution. The system was designed to provide full audit tracking of all movements between warehouses and offshore locations, ensuring compliance with the EU regulations.

To enhance the functionality of ceTrack, the development teams integrated mobile scanners and barcode printing capabilities into the system. This allowed for seamless and accurate tracking of explosives assets throughout the supply chain.

Expansion and Partnerships

Due to the success of ceTrack and the partnerships formed, additional instances of the software were deployed to customers in Norway. This expansion demonstrated the scalability and adaptability of the system to meet the eeds of different markets and regulatory environments.

Continuous Development and Optimization

As regulations continue to evolve, Enterprise Systems remains committed to extending and developing ceTrack to ensure ongoing compliance. In early 2023, significant optimization improvements were delivered using database query optimization techniques, enhancing the system’s performance and efficiency.

To further improve the scalability and reliability of ceTrack, the infrastructure has been migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This move allows the system to rapidly scale as required, accommodating the growing needs of Corelab and its partners.

User Involvement and Satisfaction

Enterprise Systems places a strong emphasis on user involvement throughout the development and testing processes. Users are closely and regularly engaged in functional and performance testing, ensuring that the system meets their requirements and expectations. Consistently, users report high levels of satisfaction with the results, validating the quality and effectiveness of ceTrack.

Future Developments

Currently, the Corelab and Enterprise Systems teams are carrying out development work to ensure ceTrack complies with the MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-810H military standards for environmental engineering consideration. This ongoing commitment to meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability will keep the software at the front of the pack for tracking and tracing the movement of explosives.


The development and support of ceTrack showcases the company’s expertise in delivering high-quality, compliant, and user-focused solutions. Through continuous development, optimization, and a strong partnership with Corelab, ceTrack has become a trusted and essential tool in the explosives tracking industry, ensuring the safe and secure management of these critical assets.

Explosives Tracking

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