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Business Process Modeling

What is Business Process Modeling?

Many business processes are not modelled in detail, and rely on staff experience to operate, particularly in smaller and less automated businesses, and businesses without quality systems. As a prerequisite to the introduction of new automation, the processes that will be affected by the planned changes should be modelled and documented. This may be as straightforward as explaining it to one of our staff who will write it down and formalise it, or may involve a workshop where the people who are most familiar with the processes work together to write them down and then review the output until it is correct. The output is a Business Process Model (BPM) which many people would describe as a flow chart. As part of the business modelling process we tend to find that the people who operate the process identify many of the problems with it, and it can be hard to stick to documenting the process as-is rather than going straight to an improved process. Process Improvement tends to lead on naturally from Process Modelling.

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