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Change Control

What is Change Control?

In very small teams where everyone is aware of and in agreement with each other's activities, change control is straightforward and there are few benefits with formalising it. As the teams grow larger and more distributed it becomes vital, and any failure to follow a formal process makes the risk of a large and embarrassing failure increasingly likely. IT-related changes can be tracked and controlled using a variety of software products, with staff in place to deal with checking and authorising each change, and identifying any conflicts or potential problems. If the checks are robust and the implementing teams follow the approved plan, the risk of problems is very much reduced. In addition to IT change control, we have developed Custom Software to deal with other, non-IT related changes, for example in the configuration of a project. With a complex project that undergoes a large volume of change, it can be hard to track the configuration using a spreadsheet or a collection of files, and to ensure that the changes made to the files are consistent with the description of the change as approved. Custom Software with a versioned data model can help here, allowing the change control team to see exactly which changes have been made over time, that no uncontrolled changes have been made, and to generate reports on the audit trail. Enterprise Systems can help with understanding your requirements and will propose a variety of options for technical solutions.

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