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Change Management

What is Change Management?

Most of the work that we do relates to organisational change, whether that is upgrading systems, supporting a changing operation, or redesigning IT infrastructure to suit a new business requirement. When changes are made in the absence of a clear, realistic, comprehensive plan (which is then adhered to), the risks of failure increases significantly, and the change process starts to lose the confidence and control of the team executing it. We can help produce and assess changes, and in doing so identify likely problems before they occur. This applies equally well to short changes lasting only a week (rebuilding and replacing some servers for example) as to longer changes that might take a year or two (moving a development team, re-platforming a system, migrating from one software product to another). We have been involved with some projects that have gone very well as well as with some that are examples of what not to do. Enterprise Systems can help you keep your changes in the first category!

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