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Event Monitoring

What is Event Monitoring?

One of the challenges that arises from increased automation is that businesses can no longer rely on "Someone using a bit of common sense" or "noticing that it hadn't been done". Without monitoring and notifications, problems can occur and go unnoticed until the stage where a significant disruption to operations brings it to the attention of managers. Examples would be server failure, disk failure, backup failure, network disruption, stock control processes, invoicing, credit control or any other area where a significant amount of automation exists. Sending large numbers of automated notifications and alerts can be counterproductive, as staff get so used to seeing them that they are frequently ignored when a genuine issue occurs. When done properly, automated monitoring will email staff only when they need to investigate something, and will provide them with the information that they need to intervene. We have experience setting up systems of automated checks that detect failure and alert staff by SMS or Email. These notifications can also be triggered as part of normal business processes - receipt of orders, invoicing etc, and can be integrated with existing software. We have recently worked on integration with an automated letter posting service, which allows real letters to be printed and posted automatically and without intervention from your staff.

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