Quickly and easily create custom PDF catalogue for your product range using CatGen. Our web-based interface and optional hosting makes it easy to let any number of your staff maintain and share a product portfolio for all your customers. Take a look at our sample catalogue

Collage of sample pages from a catgen-generated catalogue

Screenshot of the asset management section

Keep full page ads as their own files. These can be updated to keep your entire portfolio up to date.

Screenshot of document composition interface

The simple categorisation checks will let you create new publications in under 5 minutes, product placement and ordering is all done automatically behind the scenes for you.

Screenshot of category manager

You can break your publication into as many sections as you like and move products en mass to keep everything properly organised. Useful for seasonal products or special promotional one-offs.

Screenshot of customer management section for a single customer

Every customer can be given their own colour scheme, background style, front pages, HTML footers, logo graphics and more for a professional touch which they are sure to appreciate.

Screenshot of a customer list

Keeping track of which customers you are creating publications for is easy and there’s no limit to the number of customers you are allowed.

Screenshot of document asset assignment controls

Look after your adverts in one place and perform publication updates across all documents to keep seasonal graphics, sizing charts and promotional offers up to date.

Screenshot of document meta information

When plain text won’t cut it, for the more advanced user, basic HTML Markup can be used to add tables, lists, styling, links and font changes to individual pages and sections.

Screenshot of document product listings and comparison for a sample matrix

Make product comparison simple for your customers by building product matrices on the fly with a few simple clicks. Check out the sample PDF at the top of the page to see how consistent professional layouts are achieved with minimal effort.

Screenshot of product code entry controls in the product matrix view

Add customer codes for easier referencing and ordering.

Screenshot of product edit controls

Up to 500 characters with an HTML optional extra description for each product.


  • Embed graphics and PDF pages

  • Select from existing product range

  • Fine tune your catalogue sections

  • Customise the look and feel for each customer

  • Group similar customer styles

  • Simplify bulk product range uploads and updating

  • Customise repeating graphics/ads usage for each catalogue

  • HTML support for in-house custom cover pages and graphics

  • Build product comparison matrices

  • Customer part numbers can be Used

  • Say as little or as much about your products as you need

  • Copy existing products or create brand new ones

  • Set up your own users and permissions


DescriptionMonthly Subscription, £
CatGen, 1TB storage, 10 users155
Additional storage, each 1TB35
Additional 10 users10

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