Deployed at various sites in the UK and Norway since 2015, ceTrack is a crade-to-grave inventory tracker for explosive stock products which need to be handled under EU Directive 2008/43/EC.

Screenshot of a build job

A rich suite of operations is available to handle all aspects of onboarding dangerous goods, creating composite products and safely shipping or disposing of stock with all the appropriate paperwork being generated automatically.

Process flow diagram for various cetrack functions

As well as managing the complex logistics of relocating explosives, ceTrack has powerful reporting features to audit, monitor and alert key personnel about the total net explosive weight of any of your premises or storage lockers.

Example location structure with weight breakdown


  • Ensures compliance to amended EU Directive 2008/43/EC

  • Provide real-time N.E.W of site totals of bunkers/shelves

  • Provide customers with a breakdown of their own N.E.W

  • Notify site managers of N.E W threshold breaches: Email alerts, Dashboard¬†notifications

  • Track serialised units from cradle to grave including partial usages (det cord for example)

  • Optimize bulk stock movements using custom QR codes

  • Build and certify gun builds with staged authorization

  • Compare actual stock with projected/expected values

  • Detailed CSV / XML exports

  • Available with a variety of handheld scanners and integration options


DescriptionMonthly Subscription, £
ceTrack, 1 user175

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