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Unleash Searchlight, your independent Terrier in property management, finely crafted for rural Estate Managers and Landlords. Created by professionals, it offers adaptability, professional-grade tools, and cost efficiency.

Please note that while Enterprise Systems provides development and integration services to Searchlight, it is a separate company and cannot be ordered from Enterprise Systems.

Searchlight is an independent property management software programme (a “Terrier”) developed specifically for rural Estate Managers and Landlords. An independent tool created by professionals, it allows clients to adapt and be led by them. It offers a professional-grade tool at a fraction of the price of a professional subscription, allowing clients to stand alone or take a supported package with experienced Estate Administrators and Land Agents. Searchlight also gives back control, allowing clients to reassess fees and seek value-added services. We continue to actively develop it and much of the research and development done for Searchlight has been applied to our other products as well as to our software engineering engagements.

  • It does not rely on partnerships with bookkeeping software.
  • Its coding and architecture have been tested on the market for over three years.
  • It has no third-party investors or shareholders.
  • It has been built by professionals in rural property management and software design.
  • It is affordable and intuitive to use.
  • This cutting-edge technology offers quick and easy access to data that will help manage land and properties in a highly efficient and secure way. The benefits are huge, potentially saving landowners £000s in professional and administration costs each year.

Estates List

Estate editing

Property editing

Example car asset

Example asset tyes

Sample generated rent demand PDF

As a SaaS product, Searchlight works best when well integrated to other applications, and it has been designed API-first, cloud native and controlled by infrastructure as code. Entsys is frequently involved in building or supporting integrations as part of Searchlight implementations, and although this comes easy to use due to our familiarity with the project, any other software engineer may carry out the same work independently and will be supported in doing so.

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  • Real-time rent roll

  • Automated rent demands

  • KPIs for your portfolio

  • Multiple titles catered for

  • Links to online document stores

  • Automated renewal reminders

  • Technical support

  • Transparency

  • Multi factor authentication


Improves efficiency

Saves time

Saves on professional fees

Delivers control

Quick and easy access

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Minimises disruption / downtime

No hidden costs


For more information on Searchlight please visit

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