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IT Management

IT Management Services

We provide all of the services that would be expected of a corporate IT department. Of course not all clients require all services, but we can better support our clients if they don't need to shop around for specialist support. This can be provided on site or remotely at any time.
Single IT Management Supplier - Quicker and easier to get support when you need it
Supports in-house IT - Clients can maintain smaller and less-specialised in-house teams

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Hardware Supply

We supply a comprehensive range of hardware on a next-day basis and retain local stock and spares where required for same-day replacement. We work with a small number of suppliers who understand the products rather than relying on 'shopping around' online. A list of the products that we frequently supply can be found at http://enterprisesystems.co.uk/supported_hardware . We are happy to work with full cost transparency or to provide procurement as a service.

Technologies Supported
  • » Cisco Handsets/Networking
  • » HP Desktops and Proliant Series
  • » Kyocera
  • » Konika Minolta
  • » Microsoft
  • » Logitech
  • » Samsung
  • » Lenovo

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Hardware Installation / Configuration

Typically (but not always) in combination with Hardware Supply, we can install and configure any supported hardware (http://enterprisesystems.co.uk/supported_hardware) for use. This service is particularly useful for office moves where the minimum of downtime is required. Having configuration carried out by the same team each time ensures that variations in your equipment are minimised, and there is a reduced risk of unauthorised software or non-standard equipment being connected to your networks. This service is straightforward for PCs but becomes more involved where networking equipment and servers are involved.
Network Design

We offer a comprehensive network review and design service, from the simplest small business networks consisting of one Internet connection and a switch, to multiple sites and comms rooms with more complicated switching and server hosting requirements. We can identify bottlenecks and help you to resolve them, speeding up your systems.

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IT Service Management

We are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of IT support services, from the basics of problem PCs, email and printer queries, to dealing with major incidents and helping our clients stay up and running.
Desktop Support

This covers anything that can be resolved without venturing into the comms room or working on the servers. Most call outs and queries relate to password issues, viruses/malware, loss of connectivity or PC hardware issues. We attempt to deal with most of these queries remotely (either on the phone or with remote access), but will visit whenever that it is necessary or where the user or client would benefit from having the issue explained and resolved in person. In many cases Desktop Support issues can be significantly reduced by making processes and systems work better, or by providing a bit of guidance on other ways to solve the same problem.

Application Support

Whether its something we have built for you, or an 'off the shelf' solution you have acquired, we are happy to supply support to the end users of the application, or work with existing application support groups.
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Access Management

We have experience in managing access to a system with thousands of users. We can break down access levels to ensure that each user can only carry out tasks, and view information suitable to their job position. Additionally, we can set up checks to review the current access levels for each user, just to ensure that users are not keeping access to certain areas for longer than they should.

Telecoms and Internet Services

Internet Connections

Ethernet Fibre Services
Ethernet Copper (EFM) Services
Bonded Connections Services
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VDSL Services
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ADSL Services
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4G Services

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