Where you don’t have an in-house technology team for a particular project, outsourcing development and/or support for your application will get you up running quickly and will avoid the need to structure, hire and manage a team. If you are looking to build an in-house team then this can be a great way to set things up and gradually hire into a team that is working well.

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Important questions for us to work through together would be:

  • How will the new technology team integrate into your organisation? Who will lead the team and who will he/she report to?
  • How will communication and collaboration work with the rest of the business work? Genuine two-way communication is perhaps the best way to cut down confusion, frustration and pressure. Consider daily stand-ups and sprint meetings, steering committees and management groups and who the stakeholders and domain experts are. Getting this right from the start will significantly boost your chances of success.
  • How should risks and problems be handled and corrected - should the team identify these and make decisions independently to mitigate and resolve them, and if not who should they talk to about it?
  • What are you looking to achieve and why?

We provided a large outsourced team for 12 years at Openreach and have done so for as little as 3 months previously.

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