Team Augmentation

You have an existing technical team but you have a gap of some sort, either capability, experience or capacity. In this scenario we would agree on specified people to work with your team exactly as if you employed them directly, for a specified number of hours or days per week according to a mutually agreed forecast, which controls cost. We’d aim for some flexibility on both sides, and would offer a rate dependent on scale and the engineering disciplines required.


One of the reasons this works so well is that it minimises any sense of ’them and us’. Everyone works together as one team, and the experience and skills of our whole team are available to the client. If the project goes well it’s not just due to ‘hiring a good vendor’, and if we hit a rough patch we learn the lessons, remediate where appropriate and move on.


This is our preferred way of working, but we often find that clients (particularly those who haven’t previously worked with a software engineering partner) prefer to start with a consulting or fixed cost engagement.

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