When you hear the question ‘we just need the systems to talk to each other’ an integration engineer is likely to be getting a tap on the shoulder soon. While this work used to be largely done by backend engineers, it is now a discipline in its own right, with many specialist low-code and no-code tools available:

  • Zapier
  • Boomi
  • Oracle Integration Cloud

Most organisations rely on several SaaS products to meet their needs, but they are often not a perfect fit. Synchronising data between systems must often be done manually (CSV upload, reformatting in Excel or even keyed into the UI).


When volumes grow it is worth building an integration using APIs provided by the systems. Sometimes this works smoothly but it often needs configuration or even code, and that is where our integration engineers come in.

We’ll investigate the systems to establish what data needs to be transferred and what APIs are available, and will then recommend the tool. This could be a no-code product or perhaps a custom adapter deployed on the cloud.

The right tool for the job will often change based on volume. For low volumes Zapier may be great, but as it scales a custom replacement is likely to be much less expensive.

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