Getting your project back on track

We’ve started many engagements with technical projects that are at critical stages or where there is significant risk of project failure. It’s a time when you need an experienced project manager / delivery manager to instil confidence in the team. These projects often have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • People challenges (a key person is leaving or has left)

  • Technical risk (no-one knows how to solve a particular technical problem)

  • Delivery concerns (it is not clear when if ever feature X will be released or the software will be shipped)

  • Budgetary challenges (we only have ‘x left, what can we achieve with that)

  • Technical debt (we can’t make any changes, everything keeps breaking and the users / customers are complaining)

  • Conflict, lack of trust or misalignment (tech team or contractors vs management)

  • Scaling issues (we can’t operate a particular business process as is and we need a technical solution ASAP)

We’re proud that many of these have become success stories and now have hundreds of active production users (see our case studies or get in touch). In other cases (which we are also happy to talk about!) the project or product has been cancelled or never made it to market. In all cases we have learnt what works, what doesn’t and the likely consequences of various management approaches. Telling those stories often helps our clients understand which options are most likely to succeed.


If your project might be drifting off track or has any of the characteristics above please feel free to book a time with us for a chat with John or one of our technical delivery managers.

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